Which tent to take?

Posted on 22 June 2019, by Zola


God I am so bored... why do I always have to make the important decisions?

And here I am, having to deal with this huge responsibility. And what is most annoying is that I had a very clear answer in mind and yet my humans weren’t having any of it. “Guys”, I immediately said, “the obvious choice is the Hilleberg tent: excellent quality and most importantly a 3 person tunnel tent, so there is plenty of space for all of us!”. But they said it was too heavy and too big and they reminded me of that time in which this tent didn’t even fit in the space that was allocated to us in a campsite… pretty embarrassing indeed!

So be it. No beloved Hilleberg on this trip. I am now left with a choice between either the Terra Nova Voyager XL or the MSR Hubba Hubba NX. Both 2 person tents unfortunately! I carefully measured the floor area of both, paw by paw, and they are pretty similar. I am yet to understand where my sleeping bag is going to fit in such a small area… But I am sure I will figure out a way to displace one of my humans during the night and gain some extra bit of space here and there. It will be fine.

The big advantage of the Terra Nova is the huge porch area, under which we can cook our meals when it rains. On the other hand the MSR is a whole 800 grams lighter, and is newer and in better conditions. But one has also to consider the color, which is important when wild camping and not wanting to be too visible. The Terra Nova is a nice dark green, perfect for mimetizing in the nature, while the MSR is red and silver…

Such a tough decision! So many things to consider!

Yet, I finally have a clear mind. It wasn’t too hard after all, when considering the top priorities in this journey. The logic is the following: with the 800 grams that we save by using the MSR tent, we can obviously take more food with us, right?

So, here is my verdict: MSR Hubba Hubba NX!

Finally chosen: MSR Hubba Hubba NX!
Finally chosen: MSR Hubba Hubba NX!

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