Building the cargo bike

Posted on 05 June 2019, by Arianna & Daniel


A prototype dog-tourer: light-weight, handles wonderfully, perfect sized cargo bay; we are nearly there. Zola loves it! Now on to the roof.

Welcome to our blog! This is our first post and well… we haven’t started travelling yet. While Arianna is still working hard to finish a few projects, Daniel is building bicycles full-time, most importantly the dog-transporting cargo bike.

There is an incredible amount of work that goes into designing and building a dedicated dog-touring bicycle. After a lot of design work, a few prototypes, and countless hours thinking up improvements, we have the design finalised and the bulk of the structure is now brazed. There are just a few bits here and there to sort out, but that shouldn’t take long…

Arguments have already started regarding the choice of the color for the frame with Daniel voting for green and Arianna feeling strongly about black (the usual preferences have somewhat reversed on this one).

Zola on the other hand doesn’t care about the color, but firmly demands a roof over the cargo bay area to protect her from the rain. We have tried to convince her that a waterproof jacket could do the job, but she was adamant she would travel with us only under a roof. It will be removable as we believe she will prefer the sensation of the wind through her fur, and we suspect her roof demands are just her asserting her dominance.

Will keep you updated!

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