The project

What we are doing and why we are doing it

Inspired by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and environmental mass movements, including Extinction Rebellion, we want to add our voices to a growing chorus: we must take action now to keep our planet habitable.

As a reminder that transport alternatives to our most common choices exist, we are cycling 6000+ km in a route that draws the shape of a huge bicycle across 7 countries of western Europe. We will then continue cycling across other countries (both inside and outside Europe) to speak in international schools and bring our message directly to the young people.

With this, we aim to encourage individuals to cycle as much as possible and prompt governments to invest in suitable and safe infrastructure - following the Dutch model. We sincerely believe that bicycles can take us a long way in our battle to tackle climate change and environmental breakdown.

Some trip details

We left from Orta San Giulio, in northern Italy, on July the 13th and we reached the crank of the bicycle, in the French village of Vy-lès-Lure, 10 days later. From there we have started tracing the bicycle route, minimising the number of sections that must be covered twice (in purple). We will end our undertaking at the top of the bicycle seat tube in Compogne, Belgium, hopefully towards the end of November. Afterwards we intend to continue our journey cycling towards Spain, then on to Morocco or wherever the mood takes us. In this second part of the journey we will endeavor to speak in international schools to reach directly young people with this ecological message.

bicycles will save the world route

It is the three of us - Arianna, Daniel and Zola the dog. While Zola and Daniel are travelling on a custom-built cargo bike, Arianna is cycling on a more standard custom-made tourer. Both these bikes were built by Daniel, who has recently left academia for the workshop, where he is specialising in building custom cargo, touring and city bikes (see his website at: