The bikes are ready!

Posted on 10 July 2019, by Daniel


Even the bikes can enjoy a nice lake view!

After months of design work, brazing, prototypes, trials, refinements and more brazing, the bicycles are finally ready! Zola is thrilled with the ride quality of the cargo bike, she jumps in there voluntarily and says it is even possible to sit and enjoy the scenery as we travel! Her only complaint is about the smell of the sweaty man at the back, her sensitive nose finds it all a bit much… The fabric of the cargo bay (expertly realised by Massimo Tonati from Armeno) far exceeds our hopes for how good the bike could look. Weighing in at around 22kg with the removable roof, and a little less than 20kg without it, it’s looking like the perfect bike to take a dog on an around-Europe trip - fortunately, that’s what we plan!

My touring cargo bike
My touring cargo bike

The more standard touring bike fits Arianna perfectly (of course… it’s custom made…) and has a wonderful balance of being easy and fun to ride both loaded and unloaded. The paint, done by CGM Decora from Orta San Giulio, gives a lovely bright and hard wearing finish.

Arianna's touring bicycle
Arianna's touring bicycle

Now we just have to wait for the last few items to arrive, put racks on, pack, throw away a few things, repack, get frustrated at the small size of the panniers, throw yet more stuff away, repack, wash the dog one last time and go!

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